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Progress on the implementation of platforms for access to statistical and geographical information

Raúl Prebisch Conference Room

(Presentation and discussion of substantive issues )

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Tue, 26/09/2023 - 15:00 to 16:20

The increasing availability of digital data visualization tools has facilitated the development of online platforms enabling the dissemination of official statistics, making them more widely accessible for use in decision-making. In addition, progress in the application of international standards regarding open data has driven the implementation of technical solutions for the use and reuse of data, facilitating access to information for dissemination and knowledge generation. In the same vein, awareness of the importance of territorial analysis of available information has increased significantly, which has furthered the incorporation of statistical and geospatial information, given that every statistical event occurs at a specific time and place. In this session, there will be a presentation of some experiences and advances in online digital platforms for the dissemination and visualization of statistical and geospatial information, with features that enable interoperability of the components of the data ecosystems available at national and regional level.


  • Daniel Taccari, Statistics Division of ECLAC
  • Adrián Toca, INDEC of Argentina
  • Iván Ojeda, National Institute of Statistics (INE) of Paraguay
  • Johnny Suxo, National Institute of Statistics (INE) of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

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